About Us


This family owned business started in 1976 with a dream of serving and meeting the needs of the rural community and its hard working construction workers and landscapers by providing them with warmth, honesty and high quality products. What started out as a dream has grown to be a landmark and a high reputation chain of stores. The dream has been carried on from one generation to the next by keeping tradition and values as a constant and adding innovation and knowledge to proudly serve their consumers with the highest quality service and products. This landmark suffered a tragic fire in 1997 that caused significant damage to the property but the hard work, commitment and love of its owners motivated them to prevail and keep their doors open to the customers by improvising and serving with humility. The 4 Points family does not give up, takes pride in their work and values traditions and relationships.

“At 4 Points we don’t make customers, we make friends!”

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